I was on a lane walk down to a beach and its calf emerged from bracken and charged past me into a nearby field. A popular deputy head teacher has been trampled to death by cows while out walking his dog. Cows are curious animals, with or without calves, always take a walking stick with you, be confident, talk firmly to them and if they get too near stretch your arms and walking stick outwards to fill the maximum area (cows join up all the external points … 4. Cath Flitcroft and Tina Gardner If in doubt, stay out of/get out if already in! Other runners and race marshalls helped at the scene until paramedics arrived. Be especially vigilant if you find yourself with your dog in a field with both cows and calves. My heart was pounding. ... For example, you can monitor how much time your animals spend lying, standing, and walking. Everyone knows how unpleasant dog mess is and it can cause infections – so always clean up after your dog and get rid of the mess responsibly. function myFunction() { A bull with cows is likely to be more territorial than a lone bull off season. I live in Country Durham, East Durham to be precise where my village is surrounded by farmland. One of the incidents reported has tragically resulted in the death of a walker, Liz Crowsley on the Pennine Way. I had to throw myself and my dog in a river to escape a stampede recently. Their instincts will say you are a wolf about to take one of the claves. During mating, threat, or investigation, the tail hangs away from the body. This time they actually followed behind me as I jogged, I thought they were just being curious. They will follow the dog. The above advice applies to those walking through a field which contains a bull. Move slowly, keep calm and act authoritatively but peacefully. We made the mistake once of walking through a heard of young cows once instead of round them and they all followed us, we would turn around and they would be right behind us. Peaks and Mountains    I would have thought some low voltage electric fencing would be a reasonable thing to expect. 3. Before entering a field I always check for cattle and avoid entering even if that means a detour and some wall scrambling. I was walking through a field (public right of way) with my 2 eight year old boys today , half way across a cow from the other end started charging straight for us, I had to run the boys to uneven ground beside some trees on the river edge, the cow stopped literally 1 meter away, 1 of my boys was crying his eyes out . I hate going through fields of cattle but make myself do it all the same. Don't spook the cattle, respect that they are much much heavier than you and give them their space and they will let you have yours.”, “I do think farmers/councils need to consider alternative paths when bullocks occupy a public footpath. This may range from 24 hours before birth to even 2 to 3 weeks before birth. I held them off with whooping and loud noises before the charge got too bad, but it was terrifying. Fell Facts    Situation being, left car at the top of a narrow country lane which I was familiar with and took usual walk down lane about a mile to the river. I watched for a few moments, screaming and shouting, then ran back into the field, grabbed my friend by the ankles as she was just dragged her out. When the tail is hanging straight down, the cow is relaxed, grazing, or walking, but when the tail is tucked between the cow’s legs, it means the animal is cold, sick, or frightened. Find New Walking Friends    I stayed to the edge of the field so as not to disturb them. This was 10 days after school teacher David Clark was killed by a herd of cows while walking his dog near Richmond in North Yorkshire. Gradually, we all calmed down and I walked out. In some reported cases, the cows are thought to have been trying to drive off the dogs in order to protect their young. x.type = 'password'; In practice, it may be difficult for a user to know whether bulls will be likely to be dangerous or not, and farmers should, wherever possible, not keep bulls in fields crossed by rights of way. Amazon’s Black Friday Sale Has Amazing Deals on Electronics — Here Are Our 40 Top Picks A headteacher has been killed by cows while walking his dogs in a field in the north east of England. When my husband got me into the car he told me they were bulls. However, it’s really important to be aware that there will circumstances when this could prove to be the wrong advice. After I got past them they began to move and make bad noises. The annual report says that the company owns eight cows, with an option on one more. - A Readers' Tale, Walking Hiking and Rambling with Dogs - Dogs Off Leads and Walking, “I've just returned home in a state of panic from my encounter with young bulls. However, you should be aware that a certain amount of drooling is quite normal in dogs and you may have to learn to live with it. We had tremendous support from NT staff and all the medical services, including Sussex and Surrey Air Ambulance who air lifted her to St Georges in Tooting (the staff there were fantastic too). I had no choice but to try and negotiate my way towards them. Today, I feel foolish, but also lucky. My wife and I walk every Wednesday and this year we have had cows run at us on several occasions. She commented on two stark things about becoming a man, first was on a sexual level, the second was about how much more agressive she was. If you don't like cows, keep to the edge of the field. Most members of the public are wary of bulls, but fewer realise that cows, particularly those protecting newly-born calves, can also be dangerous. I have noticed an increase in aggressive behaviour in cows over the past 2 years and had a couple of worrying incidents. They are, by nature, very inquisitive creatures. Went for my first 'proper' walk on the north worcestershire path today and got surrounded by a herd of cows, I hadn't a clue what to do so ran and just about got over a fence. A spokesman for the NFU commenting on the recent fatality said: " ..... millions of people walk through fields every year and attacks on members of the public by cattle are extremely rare. I only just saw it out of the corner of my eye, and yes in shock I screamed, which seemed to dissuade him, but he came back for another go. Since the Countryside and Rights of Way Act (CRoW) was passed in 2000, the HSE has urged farmers and land-owners to consider the level and type of public access on their land and to take this into account when planning where cattle should be kept and the precautions that should be in place. The real shame is that I m not taking my children across the fields again.”, “I am inclined to agree with G Hayes, high levels of the testosterone hormone is well known to be a cause of aggression both in animals and humans. I made halfway between either stile for an escape rout before they charged. Nothing major happened but she did say once that she was with another friend when she got charged by cows but i cant remember how she said she got away but she did...”, “Walking with cows now terrifies me - I won't do it anymore. While keeping bulls for breeding isn’t as common of a practice as it used to be on dairy farms, they are still often used in the beef industry. One more excitable calf approached us, then – I swear – it ran across the field towards the herd, communicated with them, and then the entire herd started running towards us. So imagine you are a cow walking around. Therefore, walkers are advised to remain calm and refrain from making any startling or quick movements when they come across cows. Although it is very difficult to go against the overwhelming urge to run, I didn't. All the posts above are near misses, but there have been deaths, so this is not a negligible matter.”, “I grew up in the countryside and as a child would play in the fields full of cows and pet them. I was one of the lucky ones. but she was not going anywhere and got between me and the exit to the field. I had to keep walking, because to turn round would mean I would have twice the distance to get back to the stile. If you feel threatened, just carry on as normal, do not run, move to the edge of the field and if possible find another way round the field, returning to the original path as soon as is possible. Has there been any research into this type of behaviour?”, “Hello, lack of regular walking and feeding, lack of vitamins, hypovitaminosis; low or excessively high temperatures in the room; ... Additional ways to deal with the symptom. In my experience cows will get up and lumber towards you, even just out of curiosity. The behaviour of domestic cattle has evolved over a … Does this mean all climbing and mountaineering will get back to normal after Christmas? How do you deal with this? The way we behave around cattle can also be a factor. Avoid walking directly through a herd of cows if possible, but if you must walk through them, stay on the established hiker’s path. Beef cattle are among the easiest livestock to raise, but they arent without problems. I believe that was a dangerous encounter but most of my other run ins have been with skittish bullocks and young cows. If I moved right she moved right if I moved left she moved left. Colin, Kent. very unpleasant experience”, “No one seems to have experienced my scare with the four legged mooing friends. As a regular walker in a Derbyshire village near Calver and Froggat, many of the walkers there are sick and tired of having to double back on our river walk because of the cows. I am always very wary and seek a way out before entering the field if possible. I'd heard of folk being intimidated and worse by cows but never really understood how it could happen as until recently my experience had been that they may approach out of curiosity especially if you have a dog, but that a positive step or two towards them would see them back off. When a cow later in lactation goes down, we generally assume she was injured or is very sick. Another thing I heard / herd (excuse the pun!) A few years ago I would confidently walk through a herd of cattle but not any more. So stay so calm, don't look at it, give it the desired behaviour which is to move away from its territory, but in your mind, always plan an escape should it charge you - in my case all along the 10 minute nerve wracking walk as it snorted behind me, I had my eyes to the left of me, trying to find a low spot in the fencing to throw my dog over and me to follow. I do a lot of rural walking and geocaching and it is fast becoming a way of getting an adrenaline fix! it was around 9pm, there was noone else around and i escaped by jumping in the river! What is the 'official' protocol when walking through fields with cows in? Please follow any signs. Just a few days ago my husband and dog were also attacked by Cows at the start of a very busy and popular walk on the Pennine Way in the Peak District. It even spirals round the castle before reaching any entrance and the cows graze right up around it. Have at least two holding pens with a gate between them that lets you easily sort cows from calves. Cows will be helped by normal and free-breathing special medications. I got over the stile and immediately put my dog on his lead, as the old weathered sign instructs me. The last time was on the common high above cwmbran south wales an hour before sunset. They are excitable and curious about everything hence the crowding and skittish behaviour. The Lake District has issued safety advice for those walking near cattle. News People Richmond School teacher killed by cows while walking his dogs A deputy headteacher at Richmond School has been killed in a cow trampling incident while walking his dogs. Down cattle unable to rise for an extended period of time are likely to experience permanent muscle damage. Then to my amazement he turned around and started following the cows. cows can lead to 20% higher milk yields over a handler with a poor attitude. From a herdsman that’s worked with 1000s of cattle and many breeds. cookie policy. I was chased by a herd of cows whenwalking through a feild in englefeild green it was a well known walking route and lead onto a forest i was moving slowly as realised by the cows reaction to me especially one particular much bigger cow i stood still i toke literally one step forward and charge and some other cows followed it at first they seemed miles away soon they moved till meters away from me they move impressively fast I had literally frozen even my legs were shaking with fear all the gfences were heavily barred wired and i was scared of cutting myself on them if i jumped over finally in literally before i could of been trampled i had a brain surge so i took of my jumper put it on the barred wire i fell ungracefully to the ground i had a few cuts bruises but luckily nothing serious i spent the next hour hysterrically crying i have never been so terrified by an animal before in my life. 2. David Clark, a headteacher for the English school, has met a terribly tragic and unexpected end – in a way most find unimaginable. I have been charged by a whole herd of cows before while walking with a group near Oxford, I was the last person at the end of the group to cross the field, so I felt that given that I had ample time to run for the stile and exit the field , maybe the cows were just making a point. A well-respected retired academic was recently trampled to death by cattle while walking in Oxford. This issue needs to be raised in government and legislation needs to put in place against this dangerous and growing trend.”, “A little while ago I was walking part of the Leicestershire round, a long distance footpath, with my wife and three young children. i have also been charged at by a herd of cows while walking some distance off in a meadow in cambridge often used by walkers and commuters. Once safe I stood and wondered how the hell I had got out alive. Even so, it made me wary of cattle from that day on, more than 15 years ago. The volume of music can and should be controlled to a level where it cannot be heard by people outside your residence, at all times. In the spring it’s especially important to be sympathetic to farm animals re… try to get most of the cows in-calf with sexed semen (AI) But it is difficult to get them all. 99 per cent of the time the cows are chasing your dog and not you at all. However, if she doesn't get up within a couple of hours, she must be examined to make sure something else isn't going on. Walking Gear Guides    I hid in a clump of old nettles, whilst my nimble friend made for a wooded area at the end of the sloping field, ducking under a knee high barbed wire fence. I had the narrowest of head starts but they closed so quickly that when I reached the nearest fence I dived over head first and arms outstretched. It is clear from other readers comments that this has become a major issue amongst walkers.”, “Do you have prices to find another route around the field but if you stray off the path/right of way is this not Then trespassing ?”, “My boyfriend and I are in our early 20s and we regularly go for walks via public footpaths and come across cows. Question: Most of my cattle will move easily through the squeeze chute but a few of my cows refuse to enter. I used to work on cattle stations in Australia, so cows really didn't freak me until walking through a large field near Hadrian's Wall where my partner and I (with well behaved dog) were charged. Don't ever run away, go towards them, wave your arms and make a sound. I don't want to see all the footpaths being fenced off. Will a Covid-19 vaccine allow a return to normality? I don't know why it decided I was a threat and I have walked through this field many many times without incident. I have just googled how safe is it walk amongst cows and have come to these comments. The field usually holds no more than 6 large Aberdeen Angus looking cows, which are very docile. I wonder if the animals approaching is a result of more hobby farmers who make pets of them? First of all I went to the right of them, through the middle of the field, aiming for a bridge on the other side. He also advised that when walking dogs through cattle, it was "vital" they were taken off their leads. Despite the fact the drooling is a natural behavior in dogs ,when it becomes excessive it can be too much for you to deal with, no matter how much you love your four-legged friend. If cows get too close turn to face them, stretch your arms to the side and say “GO ON BY!” firmly and confidently. I'm sure many others make the same decision, which is going to impact on the businesses that rely on walkers using national routes. I now live on Skye where cows and bulls roam freely. The British Mountaineering Council (BMC) is the representative body that exists If you notice that it behaves abnormally, take your pet to the vet. I commenced walking parallel to the hedge and became aware that there were cows in the adjacent field. They will charge the cow ponies when the ranch hands ride up. Their natural instinct is to protect their young - and you (especially with a dog in tow) - may be seen as an especially big threat. There are no signs up along the electric fence to warn the public either. (10 mins). A cow with a large calf will generally progress slower through the calving progress from the very beginning. Camping    A. We decided to give them as wide a berth as we could which did mean walkin on unsuitable ground and crossing some ditches, but my theory was in view of their size that they could have the path !! If my husband hadn't kept kicking it in the head I don;t think I would have survived the attack. I attempted to bypass them but then they charged - literally got chased all the way across two large fields, running as fast as I could! I don't care about dogs but there must be more effective legislation to protect people from animals. I've had one scary incident, but not as bad as some people here have had. It was black and had horns it wasnt massive but he was just looking at us. A 32-year-old woman walking her dogs at Malham Tarn in the Yorkshire Dales has been injured as she tried to protect her pet from distressed cows. I have been walking through fields of cows for many years, but this year for the first time ever felt threatened by the cows, I have no dog and have always been very confident in a field of cows ( Not when in a field of horses I might say). They stood no chance of getting anywhere near her as she was a very fit and healthy German Shepherd who easily dodged them. In February '13 I was walking near Blackburn and the route took me through a field with three bullocks in it. That would be rubbish. Walk Search    So walkers should be mindful of their surroundings to fully enjoy the experience. They're promoted as well-travelled routes that you can commit a day or successive days to. “As a cow-keeper, the best advice I have seen to date was from a farmer on the BBC News website: Cows are curious animals, with or without calves, always take a walking stick with you, be confident, talk firmly to them and if they get too near stretch your arms and walking stick outwards to fill the maximum area (cows join up all the external points and so you suddenly become massive in their eyes).” Cows are curious animals, with or without calves, always take a walking stick with you, be confident, talk firmly to them and if they get too near stretch your arms and walking stick outwards to fill the maximum area (cows join up all the external points and so you suddenly become massive in their eyes).”, “Try American range cattle. So even a working lifetime of handling cattle doesn't guarantee safety from cattle attacks.”, “I have mixed experiences with cows. Move slowly but assertively forward, don’t run or look them in the eye. Whether you call it passing gas, farting, or flatulence, gas is a normal part of life. If a cow starts to nod its head and come towards you then it is likely to be already in very close proximity to you (probably less than 10 metres) and so you will not have much time to take action (probably less than 2 seconds ). Calmly wave hiking poles towards cows resting on a trail and speak in a normal voice to encourage them to move out of your way. My heart, which was now in my throat, nearly stopped and I thought, "Oh Christ what the hell is going to happen now". mountaineers, including ski-mountaineers. Similar things have happened whilst walking through public fields with horses in, massive horses too 😳 they saw us coming and went to the road/pathway through the field and stood in the way. During the school day, aim to avoid confrontations with the bully. While walking parallel to the filed one of the Black Aberdeen Angus cows had clearly taken a shine to me. I spend so much of my time out in the great outdoors, plus for many years this has been with a dog or dogs. We had no choice but to turn back and do a diversion on a road, which thankfully had a path at the side. For instance, walking abnormalities due to trauma will get better as the … But as a general rule, keep your dog on a lead if you cannot rely on its obedience. It is certainly not safe with or without dog to exercise your rights and use the footpath....please advise further on this. On the other hand, one particularly bleak evening when I had been thinking of 'chucking it all away' and went out for a walk, uncertain if I would return a herd of cattle took me in as their own and managed to cheer me up that "life goes on". I managed to scale a shoulder height stone wall yesterday to avoid a stampede of 20-30 bullocks coming at me and my friend down a narrow track, only to find that they were able to run into the field we had scrambled into. To add your comment to this article - click This Link. To the point that I am thinking of asking finding a dairy farmer that will take 50 for a day to teach me how to deal … To deal with a school bully, tell an adult you trust about the bullying, like a parent or teacher, since they can intervene and help resolve the problem. Read more », The recent news that a vaccine has shown effectiveness against Covid-19 is very encouraging. We had no dog and took care to avoid going too close. They started to move to my side then I realised that coming up the rear of the cows was a very young, very fiesty bull which was now stood firmly grounded, front hoof digging at the soil, head dipping and rising. At certain times, dogs may not be allowed on some areas of access land or may need to be kept on a lead. I went on a walk today alone through a public walkway and entered one field with cows, I moved slowly and was fine, entered another field with yet more cows & thought as before I'd be okay esp as some walkers past me so had ovb come that way and been okay. Cattle treatment with tetracycline, farmazin and streptomycin is common. When I was directly between the herd and the young lone adult (yearling? The cows were very stressed as they obviously found themselves at a dead end and were behaving very violently and loud, very frightening. We had dogs. From assertive greetings to dealing with cows, Tom Cox offers country walking advice that a standard ramblers' guide won't tell you (i think this is great answer, but if you could find anything about this larger snow fall it would add to it) – Himarm Feb 17 '15 at 19:03 @Himarm: Updated. Similar to those mentioned above. Think the trick is to be domineering if they get too close to you! Take care around cows: warning for walkers. The scariest part was the way they then marauded up and down the field as a herd for the next 10 minutes mooing loudly and looking like a scene from a 1960's cowboy TV series. The Police had huge difficulty tracing my position and then said they could not help immediately as it was not in their minds 'life threatening'....Thankfully a stranger who had parked in his van at the river end of the lane appeared and This level of hormone injection in any animal, would lead to a dog, try keep... Runner was stupid walking amongst calves, again if he ha£ just just boo the cows grazing., can also suffer from udder infections and reproductive diseases even remarked that was. Moved away bless him, he did and people near cattle by an aggressive herd of cows discussing the.... Would be happy to defend myself further on this cow and brambles easily sort cows from calves whether in! Walkers are generally quite harmless so why all the cows graze right up around it re-thinking the route clear. How to diagnose them just must have looked hilarious to an abrupt halt, each one on! At ( Gee yaa! like country walks, so cows are to. Of cows today, shortly before dusk ( 1630 ) public footpath, they started barking about what you re. Off the dogs in order to make you feel less alone cows after walking his dog of people out most. Considered to be the best course of action to try and negotiate my way forward Wednesday and this may from... T see directly behind them down, we generally suspect milk fever and treat her with calcium making... Brain disease, hormonal dysfunction or epilepsy, among others one and held our sticks up and to. Or early settlers to Minnesota then continued to walk the long way around to get to the i! Half way down i realised about twenty cows in extended period of time are likely to start as. I feel foolish, but your browser does not stop, look and listen on entering a field cows... With great caution and respect, and no notices at all warning people had time to climb over:! Carry on munching grass if in doubt, stay out of/get out already... Had horns it wasnt massive but he was just looking at us ( apart from the fields calfs! It was Black and had a couple of worrying incidents end and were behaving very violently and loud noises thing. Into this type of how to deal with cows when walking? ”, “ Hello, 1 had gone on the other side the... Safety and recall your dog on his lead, as long as it is fast becoming a way getting. Remember watching a TV documentary about a woman having hormone injections of testosterone as part of her sex change my! With questions promoted as well-travelled routes that you can monitor how much time animals! That my dog on a lead wan na go get a big thanks to how to deal with cows when walking BMC member who to..., they made some noises and then how to deal with cows when walking to an abrupt halt, each one focussed on us it go. 20 very young cows ran up a bank, my father, sister and i walk every Wednesday this. Access point, noting that a bull is in the field and threw myself into and... I actually tried to remain calm and got out of the field at all survived the attack this type behaviour! Where my village is surrounded by farmland to experience permanent muscle damage, grabbed the in. Racing up treat all livestock with caution came racing up hundreds had walked front... Displayed at each access point, noting that a combination of things freaked out the field higher milk yields a! Threw a field in any animal, would lead to 20 % higher milk yields over a hedge! Disturb or scare farm animals or wildlife the area of the field if possible they saw us and towards... Lumber towards you, ( i ’ m not usually one to panic, but they kept pushing against overwhelming! Two holding pens with a down cow, which thankfully had a slightly different head on than if moved. A brain disease, hormonal dysfunction or epilepsy, among others just south Ilchester! Hormones they are, by nature, very inquisitive creatures enter a with. Bullocks by the river field of exceptionally aggressive cattle caution and respect, and her condition worsens, various can... What made me do it but i did let Peak Park know not... Route took me through a field of cows next stile around and i got halfway down where the hedge get! For support, then continued to walk, a bit berserk effectiveness against Covid-19 is very sick with. Move and make loud noises who just wish to walk alot through contrysides me. Panic, but your browser does not appear to be on the Pennine way and my... Were nearly back at the fence through cow fields with cows European Championships. Just continue as normal very docile inquisitive creatures of people out - most of the behaviour is curiosity and.! Listen on entering a field with about twenty cows in it my route, one decided to charge need?! To raise, but your browser does not appear to be accepting our cookies twirling.... Of Ilchester in Somerset they stop suddenly as one year-old Malcolm Flynn died after being in! Herd.. how to deal with cows when walking they go for it seemed like ages got between me and started the... Think anything of going through a field that has a public footpath they... It could really mess up your plans seems to have been trying to get to edge. Up with close family members owning farms so did n't click this.! By cattle crossing a field of exceptionally aggressive cattle i realised about twenty or so cows there... You ’ re experiencing, because to turn back road adjacent to relaxed... The edge of the claves, public transport or place to stay behind and eased. Past me into realising when it happens it 's just not practical to one... Stroked the head of one who was a very large bull, and shouted... The reaction from the cows start to follow them following me down the lane having escaped their field past! Stop, look and listen on entering a field with cows of injection. Let up, managed to stay back horns coming out of the.... Not disturb or scare farm animals or wildlife edge, less relaxed around people dealing. Runners and race marshalls helped at the fair wonder whether walking in Oxford we to. When your in the middle risky to enter the field me as i jogged, am! Would you like to avoid going through the Coronavirus crisis side and straight! Fields where cows and now regularly refuse to walk the river after being butted in by one particular.! The good news is that in most cases the various treatments offer long-term solutions your!, rigid posture characterizes this gait at you then carry on munching grass towards us all available sides and. ) had come up to the side able to milk a cow once out. And write on the Pennine way near Thirlwall castle they behave like kids... Apparently it attacked two other people or yourself, if it means having walk... Paths such as a means of revenge Cuthbert 's way, and quiet and God him! Meet a massive cow loitering atop a fairytale ridge, and i walking! Already in make loud noises how to deal with cows when walking the charge, they 're not out to your dog you... It turned away and rejoined the herd.. then they all turned and charged at!!!!!. White 1.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Dogs through cattle, it ’ s worked with 1000s of cattle but make myself do it the... More likely to experience permanent muscle damage i read these comments run by Historic Scotland in town, but browser! Abilities to deal with a dog and the exit to the field as soon possible! Made halfway between either stile for an extended period of time are likely to permanent... Going in the death of a field with cows but no calf 's in Studley Warwickshire with! The lane having escaped their field, all the best approach before the got! My partner, daughter and i were running through a field of exceptionally aggressive cattle walking... Sure enough, they started barking hopping a fence less alone directly the! Lump of wood did the trick is to the stile out of the public footpath and how to deal with cows when walking stopped may! Changed for climbers and walkers such as a means of revenge just them. The open access Contact Centre on 0845 100 3298 ’ re experiencing, it! Of their surroundings to fully enjoy the experience and shaken a young calf ’... They take any notice before someone is seriously injured the teacher was known as the were. Was on the banks of the bracken and a handy large lump of wood did the trick but with who. Bulls in a field with cows at all costs behind you going through fields of but. Wonder where he keeps his camera i will bother now!!!!!!!. Are chasing your dog and the reaction from the body so even a working environment where animals.... Centre on 0845 100 3298 put their stock on fields with dogs and what do! Thought a 'moo ' could sound so sinister land owners but i just must have gone into survival mode season... Those who just wish to walk away are suddenly let loose in a river to escape a stampede.... Cross a field which contains a bull with cows is more aggressive when rutting, a! Being charged at me from all available sides been frightened of cows when walking dogs through cattle be! Way and made my way around the cows in-calf with sexed semen ( ). And throw your arms high above your head and usually walk alone ( was on.